How to Use

How to use the website


The directory is the first comprehensive publication on all 34 provinces and over 80 industrial estates in Indonesia. It provides an unprecedented opportunity for investors to compare the provinces and existing industrial estates to identify the most suitable investment and expansion opportunities, as well as the best locations for future facilities.

The website provides two different maps, one of the Indonesian provinces, and one of Indonesian the industrial estates.

By hovering over the map of the Indonesian provinces, and by clicking on the different highlighted provinces, you will learn about the different Indonesian provinces, and what they have to offer in terms of investment opportunities.

As for the map of industrial estates, all the existing industrial estates are marked on the map with a red pin. By clicking on the pin you will find accurate and reliable information on Indonesian industrial estates, providing information about provided facilities by each.

You can also use the provided filter function on the site, to select and find industrial estates based on specific criteria.